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Making Change Together

In today's interconnected world, businesses are no longer isolated entities operating in a vacuum; they are now integral parts of the communities they serve. At Dominion Payroll, we firmlyNational Make a Difference Day (3) believe we are stronger together than we are apart. To support the places we live and work, we to give back to our communities through volunteering and fundraising. But we are always looking for more ways to serve!

To explore the significance of community engagement, we recently sat down with Tammy Cummings, Chief Administrative Officer of Feed More. Feed More's mission is to collect, prepare, and distribute food to bring hunger relief to Central Virginia neighbors in need. 

Ready to be inspired on how to act? Let's dive into Cummings' take aways regarding the profound impact community engagement can have on the economy, employee satisfaction, and an individual's well-being. 


Strengthening the Local Economy 

Community engagement is a two-way street; it benefits not only the businesses but also the local economy. Businesses that actively engage with their communities contribute to economic growth by creating jobs, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting local spending.

Feed More's impact is a shining example. Their program serves 29 counties and 5 cities through their food bank, which supports 250 agency partners, Meals on Wheels, and their community kitchen. This tremendous effort is made possible through the dedication of an estimated 2,000 - 3,000 volunteers each year, which equates to approximately $4 million in labor costs.  They are also working to not only feed the line, but shorten the line. They are actively involved in working to reduce food scarcity and proactively address factors that contribute to poor food access. 


Employee Satisfaction 

Engaging with the community can profoundly impact job satisfaction and the overall morale of employees. When businesses support and participate in community initiatives, employees often feel a stronger sense of purpose in their work, resulting in increased job satisfaction and commitment. Notably, only about 10% of smaller to midsize companies have a robust community engagement strategy, presenting a significant opportunity for such businesses. Today, our workforce is comprised of approximately 47% of Gen Z's, who prioritize community engagement when deciding where to work. 

Community engagement opportunities serve as outlets for employees to develop new skills, network, and engage in activities that align with their values and passions, leading to increased job satisfaction and a deeper sense of fulfillment.   


Promoting Employee Well-Being 

A lesser-known, but equally important, aspect of community engagement is its potential to improve the health and well-being of employees. Businesses that support and encourage community involvement often find that their employees experience reduced stress levels, increased happiness, and improved physical health. Doug Pick, CEO of Feed More, references Aristotle's famous quote, "...the essence of life is to serve others and do good".

By doing good, the brain produces serotonin and dopamine, benefiting mental and physical health. A staggering statistic from our talk with Cummings was that there is research to show that demonstrated that older adults who volunteer are approximately 25% less likely to become sick and die compared to those who don't. Volunteers also enjoy better social relationships and overall happiness, resulting in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. 



In conclusion, community engagement is not just a feel-good endeavor - it's an impactful strategic initiative for businesses. By actively participating in and supporting their communities, not only can businesses support underserved populations, but they can also strengthen the local economy, increase employee satisfaction, and enhance employee well-being. Furthermore, by building a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan, you can attract customers, clients, and potential employees who share in similar values.

The community engagement of a business is a dynamic and evolving relationship that fosters a collective stronger, vibrant, and more responsible business ecosystem. Ultimately, community engagement is a path to success that benefits not only the business but also the entire community it serves.


Click here to hear the full interview with Feed More's Tammy Cummings and learn how to get involved. 

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